Science Saturday: Everblue

Hi, Everblue! Welcome to our Reef Community here on Reefbites.

Everblue’s mission is to encourage people to live more ocean-conscious lifestyles by increasing their scientific literacy! Read more to learn about this awesome organization!

City and Country of the Organization/Research Institute/Foundation

Oregon, USA

In what year was the Organization/Research Institute/Foundation was established?


What services do you provide the community?

We bridge the gap between published science and public use, summarizing current research studies and data in an understandable and interesting way for a wide audience. We also connect science to sustainability by educating our audience about ocean-conscious choices, products, and actions to use and make in their daily lives.

What research projects/conservation efforts/citizen science do you have going on at the moment? 

We run a regular Science Translation program on our social media pages where we summarize current research papers. We also have a program called Laboratory Collaborations where we feature specific research scientists in our educational posts and lesson plans – if you’re a scientist and are interested in being featured in this program, go to!

Do you have volunteer opportunities? 

Yes – visit our website to learn about how to help us write our research summaries and promote sustainability.

Do you have internships/fellowships opportunities? 

Not open at the moment.

Do you have facilities for scientists to stay? 

No, we do not.

Are there any collaborations/partnerships you would like to highlight?

Yes – we are partnered with a variety of ocean conservation and science communication organizations, such as the Pacific Northwest Consortium on Plastics, Mission Blue, SeaBlue, and Reefbites! We have also been a part of writing and implementing the NOAA Oregon Marine Debris Action Plan for the last two years.

What advice or tips would you give people who want to help conserve/protect reefs but do not have access to volunteering? Any actions they can do from home?

Yes! We created Everblue for exactly this reason – we wanted to give people ways they can be a part of ocean conservation from their homes and daily lives, even and especially if they don’t live by a coast or aren’t a marine biologist. Follow @oceaneverblue, visit our website, and sign up for our newsletter to get weekly tips and advice on how to live more ocean-friendly lifestyles!








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