Science Saturday: BREEF

Hi, Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation ( BREEF)! Welcome to our Reef Community here on Reefbites.

BREEF is a Non-profit organization founded in 1994 in Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas to promote the conservation of the Bahamian marine environment that sustains their way of life.

What services do you provide the community?

Education – Engages people of all ages in workshops, field trips, camps and scholarship opportunities to encourage understanding and appreciation. BREEF’s Eco-School programme links Bahamian children in a global network to help solve real world environmental problems. Through extensive teacher training programmes, BREEF inspires educators and in turn about 50,000 students every year.

Outreach – Promotes awareness about conservation and environmental stewardship among citizens and visitors alike. Working with marinas, fisherman, the public and partner organizations.

Research & Policy – Created the BREEF Sir Nicholas Coral Reef Sculpture Garden & Coral Nursery – an exceptional snorkeling and diving experience in the beautiful Bahamian waters off Clifton. It is home to “Ocean Atlas” – the world’s largest underwater sculpture, and the location of one of BREEF’s coral nurseries. The sculpture garden is a perfect fusion of living art, conservation and education, and BREEF takes thousands of young people snorkeling to experience this underwater classroom first hand.

What research projects/conservation efforts/citizen science do you have going on at the moment?

BREEF mentors 36 Eco-Schools around The Bahamas Over 3,000 children attend BREEF programme every year Annual training for the Royal Bahamas Defense Force on fisheries regulations Legislative victories include the annual closed season for Nassau Grouper and for the protection of coral reefs. Established coral reef nurseries Established the Our Islands Our Future – coalition against oil drilling in the Bahamas.

Do you have volunteer opportunities?

Yes, volunteers are a vital component to our non-profit organization.

Do you have internships/fellowships opportunities?

Yes, we have internships available during the school year.


Facebook handle: @breef

Instagram handle: @breef242

Twitter handle: @breef242

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