Science Saturday: Beyond Coral Foundation

Hi, Beyond Coral! Welcome to our Reef Community here on Reefbites.

Beyond Coral Foundation is dedicated to increasing support of coral reefs, to further scientific knowledge of coastal ecosystems, to foster sustainable communities, and to provide advice and recommendations on a broad range of policy issues dealing with, but not limited to: environment, tourism, water, waste, human development, health, and fisheries. The Foundation uses art, commerce, and technology to develop coral restoration farms, laboratories, educational programs, experiences, work and volunteer opportunities for community and ecosystem benefit.

City and Country of the Organization/Research Institute/Foundation

United States & Mexico & Australia

In what year was the Organization/Research Institute/Foundation was established?

February 2019

What services do you provide the community? 

Work and volunteer opportunities, coral reef habitat, increased awareness and scientific knowledge, new technologies, virtual reality experiences, art sculptures, and more!

What research projects/conservation efforts/citizen science do you have going on at the moment? 

CHARM, the coral farming robot (a patent-pending robot that can help scientists and restoration workers with coral husbandry); coral monitoring in Tulum, MX; an artificial reef in Tulum, MX; art exhibits; and virtual reality adventures.

Do you have volunteer opportunities? 


Do you have internships/fellowships opportunities? 

Yes, we had an intern from MIT in the summer of 2020

Do you have facilities for scientists to stay? 

We can arrange it, yes. We partner with hotels and villas in the Yucutan Peninsula who have offered their available rooms for our needs.

Are there any collaborations/partnerships you would like to highlight?

I (Stephen Rodan) am the Coral Restoration Consortium lead for Robotics and Automation. Beyond Coral is partnered with the Ocean Rescue Alliance, 1000 Mermaids, Corales Tulum, and Nomade Hotel Tulum, in an effort to join forces and build a coral reef.

What advice or tips would you give people who want to help conserve/protect reefs but do not have access to volunteering? Any actions they can do from home?

Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, most of Beyond Coral’s activities have been online. We have a General Assembly every week on Thursday night, 8:30pm EST for people who are interested in learning about all our projects.





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