Science Saturday: Marine Conservation Costa Rica

Hi, Marine Conservation Costa Rica! Welcome to our Reef Community here on Reefbites.

Marine Conservation Costa Rica is dedicated to working towards a better ocean though education and action. We offer Reef Restoration Courses, Coral Internships & Marine Educational Courses. Restoring Costa Rica’s reefs, one coral at a time.

City and Country of the Organization/Research Institute/Foundation

Quepos, Costa Rica

In what year was the Organization/Research Institute/Foundation was established? 


What services do you provide the community? 

Courses, Internships, and Research

What research projects/conservation efforts/citizen science do you have going on at the moment? 

Dive Against Debris, Coral Watch, Reef Check

Do you have volunteer opportunities? 

Yes volunteers can participate in Dive Against Debris and Coral Restoration

Do you have internships/fellowships opportunities? 

Coral Restoration and Marine Conservation Internships as well as Eco Dive Programs

Do you have facilities for scientists to stay? 

We can connect people to home stays for an economical price

Are there any collaborations/partnerships you would like to highlight?

Oceans Unlimited Costa Rica, Water lust, Group Mission Marine Blue

What advice or tips would you give people who want to help conserve/protect reefs but do not have access to volunteering? Any actions they can do from home?

A great step people can take to conserve our oceans is to use reef safe sunscreen, as well as, limiting their intake of fish consumption!






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