Science Saturday: VI Reef Response

Hi, VI Reef Response! Welcome to our Reef Community here on Reefbites.

VI Reef Response is dedicated to stimulate coral reef ecosystem health through coral restoration, promote community involvement through citizen science, and ensure best practices through scientific research.

City and Country of the Organization/Research Institute/Foundation

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

In what year was the Organization/Research Institute/Foundation was established? 


What services do you provide the community? 

Public engagement and education opportunities focusing on environmental protection and coral restoration

What research projects/conservation efforts/citizen science do you have going on at the moment? 

We are testing the effect of outplanting multiple coral species on coral growth through an in-situ experiment. We are actively outplanting the endangered Staghorn. and Elkhorn coral around St. Thomas. We are involved with creating the restoration plan and goals for the USVI territory along with our partners at NOAA, The Nature Conservancy, the National Parks Service, and the Department of Planning and Natural Resources.

Do you have volunteer opportunities? 

Yes, we are always looking for more community members and tourists to be involved with our work. We have a citizen science program that we are working on growing once we can safely work with groups again under COVID regulations

Do you have internships/fellowships opportunities? 

Yes, internships are available to University of the Virgin Islands undergraduates and graduate student currently.

Do you have facilities for scientists to stay? 


Are there any collaborations/partnerships you would like to highlight?

University of the Virgin Islands

What advice or tips would you give people who want to help conserve/protect reefs but do not have access to volunteering? Any actions they can do from home?

The biggest problem in combating reef degradation and decline is climate change. Take the time to educate yourself on peer-reviewed research involving climate change and the direct and indirect impacts it poses on coral reefs. Research ways in which you can be more environmentally friendly and share these habits with friends and family. Become well versed in local, national, and global politics involving climate change policies and vote for politicians that value environmental protection and regulation. If able to, support/donate to reputable organizations that share you environmental values.



VI Reef Response



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